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Fingerprinting. CYSA has a fingerprinting requirement for all coaches. You need to download the form by CLICKING HERE. Then take the form in to any Capital Live Scan center. Stockton has two centers, the office on 1111 Robinhood Drive (named One Accurate) does have some forms available in their office. Our district number is 08 and our league number is 01. The club number does not matter.
 To register as a coach you need to complete the fingerprinting requirement above and then turn the form in at the office. Everyone who has contact with the players or their contact details needs to complete the fingerprinting requirement.
 MINOR COACHES. We encourage older youth to get involved with giving back to the younger players. Minors are not allowed to be fingerprinted, so for them CYSA waives the fingerprinting requirement. Instead, minors must complete the form that can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE and then turn it in at the office.
  CYSA Game Card Stickers
  CYSA Membership 1601 Medical Release
Player Injury Form - Completed by coach and handed in at the office for processing. This form has to be sent to the CYSA office within 90 days of the injury. It is recommended that the form be completed ASAP after the injury and that the form be emailed to PRESIDENT@STOCKTONYOUTHSOCCER.ORG and VICEPRESIDENT@STOCKTONYOUTHSOCCER.ORG.
Cal North has simplified the Concussion Protocol program for the 2015-2016 season. The new and improved 2 page 'Notification and Return to Play' form is designed to offer players, parents, and coaches direction in the event of a possible concussion and gives medical professionals a step by step guide for treatment and observation.

SYSA Forms

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Guest Player Loan Form

US Club Insurance Claim Procedure

The procedure for a US Club Insurance request can be found by CLICKING HERE. Scroll down to the section labeled CLAIMS

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