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  The mission of the Stockton Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is to foster physical, mental, and emotional growth through the sport of soccer for all children in the City of Stockton. In all decisions, the SYSA focuses on putting the children’s interests first. Please check our website frequently for tournament information, game scheduling and other great information. 
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1/21/2015 History Project
  Our club has been around for over 40 years now. Unfortunately, we have not kept a history of our many achievements. If you have any history that you can contribute, a list of accomplishments, perhaps some pictures, please send them in to us so that we can add them in. You can view what we currently have by CLICKING HERE.
2/20/2015 Coaches Transporting Players
  It has come to our attention that our insurance provider does not cover any incident that involves transport to and from practices, games, or other functions. In the event there is an accident and a coach has a player in the vehicle, the coach's own insurance would be liable for costs. Stockton Storm / SYSA recommends that coaches either do not transport players or ensure that their own insurance is of such a value so as to cover such an eventuality. Coaches may also make use of waivers that they can have their own lawyers develop for them, however, as an organization we recommend either not transporting or increasing one's own insurance.
3/29/2015 Competitive Team Pictures
  We will be having a picture taken of all of our competitive teams. This is scheduled for Friday May 8th at 430 pm. The location is the Sherwood Park on Robinhood Drive behind the Sherwood Shopping Mall. We would like to have all teams participate in the group picture. Teams and individuals may make use of this opportunity to schedule these pictures.
3/29/2015 Spring Recreational Picture Schedule and Family Fun Day

On April 11 out at Arch Road the Spring Recreational program will hold their picture day. The schedule of picture times can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

All players registered with SYSA / Stockton Storm are welcome to come out and participate in the Family Fun Day that we have planned. As usual there will be bounce houses and carnival type games. SYSA will be offering FREE hot dogs and drink to all participants. There will also be some raffles held, all player get one FREE ticket for the raffles, held every 30 minutes.

Unfortunately the County will be charging their $2 parking fee. We have asked before for them to offer free parking for this event but they are bound by what the County Supervisors have set up.

3/25/2015 New App for Competitive and Recreational Teams

EXCITING NEWS! Stockton Youth Soccer Association has its own free Mobile App. s called MY CLUB HUB. It's 100% FREE to use, and will help make the season easier to manage.

It’s an easy-to-use, Mobile information HUB where all our teams schedules, field locations, etc are in one place, along with 1-click connections to the club website, Facebook, and Team management pages.

To get it working:

• Please watch this short video….
• Download the app to your phone  (see below)
• CLICK HERE for an advertising sheet for you to print out and pass out at practices. Our ID CODE is  CNSTYSA


1. Find “MY CLUB HUB” in your App Store and download
2. The app will request an ID CODE…. Yours is CNSTYSA  

This App automatically supports CYSL and CRL Club schedules.   Other league schedules and Rec schedules can be added by asking your club administrator to activate the app


3/12/2015 JJ Minor College Scholarships

For the fourth year SYSA / Stockton Storm are pleased to offer four $500 Scholarships to our players who are on their way to college or are already attending. This is open to anyone who meets the criteria:

• Must be a high school senior or in college
• Have played for SYSA for 3 seasons or more at any level
• Hold a current 3.0 GPA or better at the institution presently registered
• Show proof you played for High School
• A letter of recommendation from a Coach/ assistant Coach (preferably not a family member)
• Essay from applicant on “the influence that Soccer has had in my life”
• Documentation demonstrating the applicant’s good citizenship and /or community service. This can be for events within soccer or outside of soccer.
• Name of learning institution you plan to attend
• Check will be made payable to learning institution

Please complete the application and summit to the SYSA office by April 30, 2015 with the documentation requested above. The application can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

A full copy of the criteria (for advertising can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

3/13/2015 Spring Game Schedules and Rules

The game schedules for Spring are now available. Please note that these schedules are from Friday 13 March. If you got your game schedule prior to this date it may well be wrong, please confirm the dates.

CLICK HERE to get the game schedule and CLICK HERE to view a map of the Arch Road Soccer Complex

If you are interested in reading the rules of soccer and the changes to those rules made by CYSA and SYSA, then CLICK HERE

 2/19/2015 Reports from BML Coaches

Rafael Santiago - U12B Stockton (3) had a chance to get into the consolation, but came up short. Finished 1-2, with 8 points. We played well against Atwater 2 losing 0-1, then beat Oakdale 2 6-0, not playing well losing to Oakdale 1, 0-3.


Floyd Crame - Won 3 games, tied last game, finished 5th place out of 17 teams.


Erik Sandstrom (Sam Tounou) - Despite battling some untimely flu and other illnesses which created a very short bench and limited or no substitutes, the SYSA BML “Stockton FC” U-14 Boys did a phenomenal job on the field, not allowing a single goal in any game during the EOS tournament – a clean sheet for the keeper for the entire tournament. Offense was shorthanded and challenged, too, and after a couple of ties and wins in the end the difference between a game for 1st place or 3rd place came down to one goal differential, with the SYSA U-14 Boys capturing 3rd place while never registering a loss in the tournament, going 2-0-2.  The coaches are both pleased and proud of the growth in all the players as they further developed their skills every game throughout the season.


Robert Ruiz - our U14G team ...they took 1st place...won a hard fought battle in the Championship Game 1-0 Modesto#2


Robert Ruiz - Our U12G had a great season suffering there only losses to the eventual winner Modesto#1... The girls showed that they are ready to grow as soccer players and the future is bright ....


Marchesotti - Our U10B team (Stockton 2 Bulldogs) did great! We came in 1st place with 30 out of 32 possible points and they did it against a tough draw. We beat Merced 1 (4-1), County Line (7-0), Manteca (3-0) and Modesto A team (5-0). Our total tournament scores were 19-1 and on the whole season (including tourney) was 55-2. I couldn't be any more proud of this group of boys.


Hunter - My 10U team, Stockton 1, went into the tournament 0-8 and being shut out the last 3 games.  We face Calaveras 1 at 11am on Saturday.  Goals by Gabe Acevedo, Ryan Hunter, and Elijah Ross and with great defense by sweeper Jacob Moffat, our goalie Reed Waters preserved the shut out in 3-0 fashion.  So far, that was the highlight of our season. Then 1pm came very quickly and we face Modesto 1.  Down 2 goals at half, the boys rallied with a PK by Reymundo Torres and a late goal by Reed Waters and great 2nd half saves in goal by Ryan Hunter gave Stockton 1 a 2-2 tie and a total of 10 points on Saturday. Sunday brought trouble as we had to face Tracy and Merced 1, two team that shut us out 7-0 each earlier this season.  With less than 30 seconds left in the first half vs Tracy, a bad goal was scored putting us down 1-0.  Tracy scored 2 more in the second half, as we lost 3-0, but a great game from the 7-0 the week before at home.  Before our last game at 5pm against host Merced 1, we found out that we could place 4th if we won, shut them out, and scored +4.  Well we gave it our all, but Merced held us scoreless in a 4-0 defeat; much better than the 7-0 we took a month earlier. With all said and done, we ended 1-2-1 and 10 points.  A great weekend by one of the youngest teams in the tournament.  The boys all grew up and learned what competitive soccer is all about.  We all look forward to the next rec season, and getting together next year for an exciting BML league again.

2/22/2015 Stockton Storm Girls Playing High School

We are always very proud of the results from our Storm teams, however, we are even prouder when our players do even better in the community. Here is a list of our players who have made their high school team:

From Stockton Storm FC 97 CLICK HERE

From Stockton Storm Earthquakes CLICK HERE

From Stockton Storm Chaos CLICK HERE

Congratulations to these remarkable young women and we hope that they have a great season.

1/22/2015 SYSA Coaching Courses

This seasons courses are all full. If you want further information please contact Neil Hanlan 209.922.1054 or

CYSA the governing body of SYSA is holding a D license course here in Stockton. This is a course that is aimed at Competitive Coaches and so SYSA will refund the cost of the class for a registered competitive coach who completes the course. Other coaches (Recreational or from other clubs) may register for the course at their own expense.

CLICK HERE to download the registration form. Any questions please contact:

Joyce Bordley -Cal North Programs Coordinator
925.426.5437 ext. 19 | |

1/18/2015 What sort of parent are you?

The information below has been copied and modified from another organization across the waters in Ireland. It is very evident that all clubs the world over are battling with the same problem - RESPECT for the game and RESPECT for each other.

Please view an interesting video by CLICK HERE - The link is to a series of short videos. Well worth watching for all adults planning on attending youth soccer games. As it states in the one of the videos - "Take a good look at yourself."

Bottom line is that our players are NOT EPL level players, our coaches are NOT internationally recognized, and our referees are NOT professionals being paid hundreds of thousands a year. Allow your child and other youth to make mistakes, whether they be players or referees.

Please make your goal at your child's next game to be a great role model to all concerned, allow for errors.

1/14/2015 Coaching or Playing Competitive Soccer

Are you interested in playing or coaching with the biggest soccer family in Stockton? Then contact us ASAP.


Contact a coach and organize a try out. To get a coaches name. CLICK HERE to download our player / team formation policy for competitive teams.


We are always looking for coaches at any level. If you are a coach and would like to coach in a club that has multiple State Cup trophies, the largest number of teams in Stockton, the only club to offer soccer for all levels of players, and the longest serving (since 1971) then you should come in and talk with us - we will do our best to make it work.

Stockton Storm is also the only Stockton Club that offers both CYSA and US Club affiliation to all teams. The team gets to decide which organization to register with, or you can register with both.

1/21/2015 Board Positions Open That Need To Be Filled

We are looking for people to fill the presently open position. These are all volunteer positions:

PAD Chairperson - Every once in a while some one does something wrong and we need to hold investigative hearings. This person needs to be organized, able to maintain confidential information, and be able to keep control of a meeting. Time commitment is usually a couple of hearings a season.

BML Coordinator - Each year our recreational players have to opportunity during the winter season to form teams that play through out our area. We need some one who is organized and can devote some time to setting this all up. The person would set up a committee to select coaches (assistance is available here), correspond with District (usually via email but there are usually two meetings to attend in Manteca), and correspond with BML coaches regarding schedules, teams, and other concerns. 

10/06/2014 Have some free time - be a board member or assist in other ways
We are always looking for people to help us provide soccer to the youth of Stockton. We need volunteers to do major work and to do small tasks. If you can help in any way, please contact us, on 472-9166 when the office is open.
4/8/2014 So you want to know the rules of soccer!
  Have you ever wondered why a certain call was being made, or what it is that the coach was up to? By CLICKING HERE you can read up on some basics regarding the game that you are watching. Even if you have been around soccer for years, remember the rules change.
6/17/2013 First Aid

If you have been hurt out at one of our games at Arch Road, then you have probably met with one of our First Aid crew. We would like to share a little more information regarding this. The First Aid crew are not a paid body. Each and every one of them from Peter Sturdevant who head's the team down to the lowest runner, are donating their time, efforts and skills to making our organization a little safer. When you meet up with one of those "yellow shirts" please give them a thank you for their efforts - a lot of people have been helped by this crew.

SYSA is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful bunch of people. As those who travel to other cities for soccer can attest, other leagues do not have a First Aid station as it is not mandated by CYSA.

In addition, there are the back ground support people. The people who have been supplying the needs of the station (Click on the links to gain more information):

Stronger Fitness Group on March Lane - take a look at their Summer Camp

Dr Manshadi - who has a AED waiting for us - which is great for people with a heart problem. Dr Manshadi is able to offer this vital piece of equipment through the sale of his book - "The Wisdom of Heart Health"

Manshadi Medical Supply and Equipment - Located on Pacific Avenue in Stockton



Next Board Meeting: 
April 09, 2015
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm 

Our meeting will no longer be at our office. Instead Board meetings will be held at:

Suite 200
555 W Ben Holt Drv
Between Bank of Stockton
and Bank of America



Online Registration is now open for the spring season. Registrations are accepted online or in the office.

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