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  The mission of the Stockton Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is to foster physical, mental, and emotional growth through the sport of soccer for all children in the City of Stockton. In all decisions, the SYSA focuses on putting the children’s interests first. Please check our website frequently for tournament information, game scheduling and other great information. 
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11/10/2014 Funeral Arrangements for Sonia Norton
We have been advised by Sonia's family that there will be a viewing on Monday 17 November from 4PM till 8PM and that the funeral service will be the following day Tuesday 18 November at 10AM.
Both events will be held at The Frisbie, Warren, & Carrol Mortuary on 809 North California Street.
Thank you to all who took the time over the week end to remember Sonia with a moment of silence.
Peter Kilpatrick
11/06/2014 passing of Sonia Norton - President of SYSA

It is with extreme sadness that I inform our members that this morning Sonia passed.

As a mark of respect we are asking all SYSA games over this weekend to start with a moment of silence. The void that she leaves in our lives will be hard if possible at all to fill. Sonia dedicated much of her time and energy to SYSA.

11/04/2014 District Cup Teams Approved

The following teams have requested and been approved to play in the first upcoming District Cup:

Coach / Team Age Group
Perez U09B
Marchesotti, J U09G
Cardona U10B
Marchesotti, M U10B
Crame U10G
Espino U12B
Kilpatrick U12B
Nathaniel U12B
Santiago U12B
Garibay U12G
Iniguez U12G
Ruiz U14G

The games are to be played in Stockton, hopefully all at the Morada Soccer Complex, on the weekend of November 22, 2014 and November 23,2014.

If your team is not listed and you want to attend, or had already applied please contact me (email PETERK27@YAHOO.COM) so that we can sort things out.

 10/29/2014 BML / JFL Coaches Approved

Just in time for Try Outs to begin, we have a list of the approved BML Coaches:

U9 Boys TBD

U9 Girls Rafael Santiago

U10 Boys Michael Marchesotti

U10 Girls Floyd Crame

U12 Boys Rafael Santiago, Juan Espino, Oscar Manzo

U12 Girls Ricardo Iniguez, Jorge Garibay, Robert Ruiz

U14 Boys Sam Tounou

U14 Girls Alfredo Rodriguez, Robert Ruiz

U19 Boys Peter Kilpatrick

U19 Girls Neil Hanlan

10/06/2014 Have some free time - be a board member or assist in other ways
We are always looking for people to help us provide soccer to the youth of Stockton. We need volunteers to do major work and to do small tasks. If you can help in any way, please contact us.
For small tasks, please contact the office on 472-9166 when the office is open.
If you are willing to help with major work, please CLICK HERE and contact Jena Lane.
10/29/2014 Report from Stockton Storm FC05 - white

Stockton Storm FC 05 White boys had a great time at the Sacramento United Boofest Tournament taking 2nd place in the Zombies division while sporting Black and Pink costumes to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Our team earned the top spot in our bracket winning all 3 games. In the finals, the boys struggled in the beginning, giving up 2 first half goals. But our boys never gave up and they came from behind to tie the game, 2-2, at the end of regulation. The winner was decided by the last player in the sudden death round of PK's.   Congratulations to our Storm FC 05 White team for earning a Silver Pumpkin at the 2014 Sacramento United Boofest Tournament.

10/29/2014 Report from Stockton Storm FC 05 Blue

The Stockton Storm FC 05 Blue U-10 Boys are continuing the great tournament play they had over the summer into the Ajax United Fall Tournament at the end of September. On Saturday they won their first game 2 - 1, followed by a 3 - 0 win in the second game. On Sunday they entered into the semi finals against a very strong team from Nevada and won 2-0. In the finals the matched up well against a tough team from Atletico Santa Rosa Morelia and won 2 - 1 to secure the championship of this gold level tournament at the Ajax United Fall Tournament. Keep it up Storm!

10/18/2014 By Law Changes
  Once a year we have an opportunity to change the By Laws of our organization. This is the top level of documentation that is used to keep control of what we can and cannot do, under this is our Policy and Procedures which can e changed at any Board meeting. So, since we have some proposed changes to the By Laws, we have to advertise that and allow members to approve or disallow the changes. Voting on the changes is done at the AGM / Coach Appreciation Dinner held on Saturday 15 November. To view the intended changes, please download the document by CLICKING HERE. The changes are marked in red or blue text color
10/18/2014 Supporting Cancer Awareness

Our U9  Boys "Thunder" shown here supporting cancer awareness by wearing pink socks. Awesome.

10/18/2014 Stockton Storm 05 Girls Press Release

This was actually sent to me quite a while back, sorry for taking so long to get to it.

The Stockton Storm 05 Girls team burst into the fall season with four wins and only two goals allowed in the Ajax United tournament this past weekend.  Our team’s consistent defense and strategic passing gave us the edge we needed to defeat West Coast Krew in the Championship game.  Congratulations to our U10 Storm girls for earning the title of Ajax United’s End of Summer Clash Champions!

4/8/2014 So you want to know the rules of soccer!
  Have you ever wondered why a certain call was being made, or what it is that the coach was up to? By CLICKING HERE you can read up on some basics regarding the game that you are watching. Even if you have been around soccer for years, remember the rules change.
6/17/2013 First Aid

If you have been hurt out at one of our games at Arch Road, then you have probably met with one of our First Aid crew. We would like to share a little more information regarding this. The First Aid crew are not a paid body. Each and every one of them from Peter Sturdevant who head's the team down to the lowest runner, are donating their time, efforts and skills to making our organization a little safer. When you meet up with one of those "yellow shirts" please give them a thank you for their efforts - a lot of people have been helped by this crew.

SYSA is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful bunch of people. As those who travel to other cities for soccer can attest, other leagues do not have a First Aid station as it is not mandated by CYSA.

In addition, there are the back ground support people. The people who have been supplying the needs of the station (Click on the links to gain more information):

Stronger Fitness Group on March Lane - take a look at their Summer Camp

Dr Manshadi - who has a AED waiting for us - which is great for people with a heart problem. Dr Manshadi is able to offer this vital piece of equipment through the sale of his book - "The Wisdom of Heart Health"

Manshadi Medical Supply and Equipment - Located on Pacific Avenue in Stockton



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Aug 21, 2014
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Online Registration is closed for the Fall season. Registrations are still accepted in the office until teams are full.

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